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1st User Workshop of ESA’s CCI BIOMASS Project

25/09/2018 13:55
26/09/2018 13:55


The European Space Agency’s (ESA) Climate Change Initiative (CCI) Biomass Project aims to use long-term Earth Observation (EO) datasets to generate global estimates of the Essential Climate Variable (ECV) ‘Biomass’, primarily for use in climate change science. The intention is to integrate both recent and future EO missions (including the Sentinel series) and advanced methods to support the generation of global above biomass maps for the mid 1990s, 2007-2010, 2017/18 and 2018/19. This is also seen as an important step in maximizing the use of data from the past, current and future missions (including ESA’s BIOMASS) within the climate science community. The project team involves institutions with expertise in climate science, vegetation biomes, uncertainty assessment and ground/airborne measurements and databases.

Registration and Abstract submission

To attend the 1st ESA CCI Biomass Workshop, please refer to the invitation letter and/or register here.

Submit an abstract via this web form.

The meeting coincides with several others in Paris during this week, including ESA’s Global Forest Observation Initiative (GFOI) Workshop, and so do contact us if you are attending these.

Aim of the event

The aim of the 1st CCI Biomass Workshop is to promote knowledge exchange between the project team of CCI Biomass and a large range of users of global biomass datasets, including the climate change community. A major objective is to collect user views and requirements in relation to:

  1. Spatial resolution

  2. Temporal frequency of biomass and biomass change maps (epochs). 
  3. Accuracy and uncertainty documentation

  4. The types of data exploration tools
  5. The use of biomass data within the climate change community.

The conclusions from the workshop will help to refine the global biomass dataset requirements from climate and carbon modeling, ecology, geography, resource assessment, climate policy and other user families.


For further information, please contact : Mrs Zoila Lopez Siri (Zoila.LOPEZSIRI[at]cea.f r). 

We look forward to welcoming you in Paris.

Prof. Philippe Ciais (LSCE, France) and Prof. Richard Lucas (Aberystwyth University) on behalf of CCI BIOMASS

Details on location

The workshop will be held in the Institut Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL) in Central Paris, France, on Tuesday and Wednesday, September 25-26 2018.

Address: 4 Place Jussieu, 75005 Paris

Venue: IPSL conference room (205 ) From/to 45/55 second floor (2ème)


A list of tentative presentations (Click to enlarge)

Accomodation & Transportation


Hotel Minerve Paris

13 Rue des Ecoles 75005 Paris

Tel +33 (0)1 43 26 26 04. e-mail :               

Hôtel Vendome Saint Germain

8, Rue d’Arras 75005 Paris

Tel: +33 (0)1 43 26 80 98.  e-mail :

Fax: +33 (0)1 43 26 71 04

Albe Saint Michel Hôtel

1, rue de la Harpe 75005 Paris

Tel: +33 1 46 34 09 70. e-mail:

Hôtel Monge

55 rue Monge 75005 Paris

Tel: +33 1 43 54 55 55. e-mail:

Hôtel Royal-cardinal

1 Rue Des Ecoles 75005 Paris

Tel: +33 01 43 26 83 64. e-mail:

Hôtel Mercure ****

14, rue de la Sorbonne 75005 Paris  

Tel: +33 1 56 24 34 34. e-mail :

Hôtel Relais Saint Jacques ****

3 Rue de l'Abbé de l'Épée, 75005 Paris 

Tel: +33 01 53 73 26 00. e-mail :


The venue is in close proximity to Gare d'Austerlitz (a major railway station in Paris).