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2nd Collocation Meeting 2011

Fri, 2011-10-28 10:25


2nd CCI Colocation meeting
ESA/ESRIN, Frascati IT
12 - 14th Octorber 2011

An ESA report of the 2nd CCI Colocation meeting is available.

Day 1


 Plenary Session: CCI Programme Status

CCI Programme Status and goals of the meeting (M. Doherty)
CCI Projects status: achievements & issues (All talks - CCI Science Leaders)

  • Cloud (R. Hollmann)
  • Ozone (M. Van Roozendael)
  • Aerosol (T. Holzer-Popp)
  • Greenhouse gases (M. Buchwitz)
  • Sea Level (A. Cazenave)
  • Sea Surface Temperature (C. Merchant)
  • Ocean Colour (S. Sathyendranath)
  • Glaciers (F. Paul)
  • Land Cover (P. Defourny)
  • Fire (E. Chuvieco)
  • Climate Modelling Users Group (R. Saunders)

New CCI Projects:

  • Sea Ice (S. Sandven)
  • Ice Sheets (R. Forsberg)
  • Soil Moisture (W. Wagner)

CCI Internal Communication (Cat Downy, ESA)

11:00-11:30 Coffee

Round Table: CCI Science Agenda

  • CCI Feedback to GCOS & Input to GCOS Satellite Supplement (S. Bojinski, WMO)
  • Impact of CCI inputs on the GCOS Satellie Supplement (C. Richter, GCOS)
  • CMUG Assessment of Product Specifications (R. Saunders, Met Office)
  • IPCC update (F. Paul, U Zurich)
  • Communicating Climate Science (A. Cazenave, CNES)

Round Table discussion: Maximising the Science Impact of the CCI

CCI Teams Discussion

Facilitators: J.L. Fellous, C. Richter, P.P. Mathieu

13:45-14:30 Lunch



Parallel Sessions: Working Groups


 Algorithms and Performance (Claus Zehner)

  • Land Cover pre-processing chain (C. Brockmann)
  • Nadir Ozone Profiling Round Robin OC_cci (R. van der A)
  • Algorithm Intercomparison: Criteria and Outcomes (B. Brewin)
  • Sea Level Round Robin and Algorithm Selection (G. Larnicol)
  • Systematic Testing of Aerosol Retrieval Algorithms (G. deLeeuw)

 Data Delivery, Quality and Feedback to Level 1B (Bojan Bojkov)

  • Introduction and Update (B. Bojkov)
  • Cloud_cci experiences (R. Hollmann)
  • SST_cci experiences (G. Corlett)
  • ESA GOMOS L2 data delivery problem (M. Wolfmueller)

 System Engineering (Anne Chadwick)

  • CCI Systems - Common Architechtures (J. Ramos Perez)
  • CCI Systems - Functional Architechtures (J. Ramos Perez)
  • A de-centralised System Requirements approach (M. Boettcher)
  • System of Systems: MyOcean experience (G. Larnicol)
16:00-16:15 Coffee

Parallel Sessions: Working Groups

 Uncertainty Characterisation & Validation (Simon Pinnock)
  • User Requirements (D. Tan)
  • Error Characterisation of atmospheric profiles (T. von Clarmann)
  • SST_CCI (C. Merchant)
  • Fire_CCI (E. Chuvieco)

ECV Data Products, Standards and Access (Craig Donlon)

  • Introduction and Update (C. Donlon)
  • International Data Sharing and ESGF experience (M. Juckes)
  • International Data Sharing and MyOcean Experience (G. Larnicol)
  • Data Merging – the WACMOS experience (W. Wagner)
  • Ozone_cci experience 

 Data & Models Confrontation (Pierre Philippe Mathieu/Stephen Plummer)

  • Benchmarking models with EO data (P. Ciasis)
  • Data and Models Confrontation (Ocean Domain) (D. Stammer)
  • Data and Model Confrontation (Land Domain) (A. Loew)
  • Data and Model Confrontation (Atmosphere Domain) (H. Boesch)




Day 2


Plenary Session: Sentinels and ECVs

  • Sentinels Overview (H. Laur, ESA)
  • Sentinel 1 (P. Potin, ESA)
  • Sentinel 2 (B. Hoersch, ESA)
  • Sentinel 3  (C. Donlon, ESA)
  • Sentinels 4, 5 and 5P (B. Veihelmann, ESA)
  • Long Term Data Preservation (M. Albani, ESA)
  • EUMETSAT CDR Reprocessing (J. Schulz, EUMETSAT)
10:45-11:15 Coffee

Round Table: CCI System Requirements

  • International Cooperation (CEOS WG_Climate) (M. Dowell, JRC)
  • Climate Services (N. Rayner, Met Office)
  • Climate Research Joint Programming Initiative (B. Greco, ESA)
  • Future Evolution of the CCI (I. Kilbane-Dawe)
12:35-13:45 Round table discussion: CCI System Requirements
  • System Requirements Overview (M. Doherty)
  • A de-centralised System Requirements approach (M. Boettcher)
  • GHG CCI Phase 2 (M. Buchwitz)

Discussion session: Facilitator: P. Lecomte

Panellists: M. Dowell, C. Brockmann, T. Holzer-Popp, C. Merchant, G. Larnicol, R. Forsberg




 Parallel Sessions: Report drafting

  • CCI Science Agenda (Facilitator – Pierre Philippe Mathieu)
  • Algorithms and Performance (Facilitator – Claus Zehner)
  • Data Delivery Quality and Feedback (Facilitator – Bojan Bojkov)
  • System Engineering (Facilitator – Anne Chadwick)
  • Uncertainty Characterisation and Validation (Facilitator – Simon Pinnock)
  • Data Standard and ECV Product Access (Facilitator – Martin Juckes)
  • Data Model and Confrontation (Facilitator – Stephen Plummer)
  • CCI System Requirements (Facilitator – Pascal Lecomte)
15:45-16:00 Coffee
16:00-17:45 Report Drafting continued



Day 3



 Plenary Session: Review of Draft Reports

  • CCI Science Agenda
  • Algorithms and Performance
  • Data Delivery Quality and Feedback
  • System Engineering
  • Uncertainty Characterisation and Validation
  • Data Standards and ECV Product Access
  • Data Model and Confrontation
  • CCI System Requirements
10:45-11:30 Coffee
11:30-13:45 Review of draft reports continued
13:45-14:45 Lunch