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3rd Collocation Meeting 2012


Thu, 2012-10-11 16:01


3rd CCI Colocation meeting
Frascati IT
24-26 September 2012

All presentations available to download are in pdf format.


Day 1


Plenary Session

Overview M. Doherty (ESA)

Status and Planning of GMES Climate Service and related Projects (B. Pinty, EC)
Climate Modelling infrastructure and user communities (B. Lawrence, NCAS)
Observations and the Global Carbon Cycle (P. Ciais, LSCE) 

11.10 - 12.30

Plenary Session: Project Status Updates (elevator briefs)

Chair - Mark Doherty

Cloud (R. Hollmann, DWD)
Aerosol (T. Holzer-Popp, DLR)
Ozone (M. Van Roozendhal, BIRA)
Greenhouse Gases (M. Buchwitz, Bremen)
Sea Ice (S. Sandven, NERSC)
Sea Level (G. Larnicol, CLS)
Sea Surface Temperature (C. Merchant, Edinburgh)
Ocean Colour (S. Sathyendranath, PML)
Glaciers (F. Paul, Zurich)
Ice Sheets (R. Forsberg, DTU-S)
Land Cover (P. Defourney, UCL)
Fire (E. Chuvieco UAH)
Soil Moisture (W. Wagner, TUW)
Climate Modelling Users Group (R. Saunders, Met Office)

13:30 - 17.00

Parallel Session 1a: Science Brainstorming

Chair - Chris Merchant (Edinburgh)

Agenda to be set by science leaders

Parallel Session 1b: Data Requirements, Continuity and Quality

Chair - Pascal Lecomte

Evolution of ESA Reprocessing and Quality Systems (P. Fischer/P. Goryl, ESA)
EUMETSAT Climate Data Reprocessing (J. Schulz)
ESA Data Access and Quality (i): CCI Teams Feedback (M. Fernandez-Cortizo, DLR), (D. Loyola, DLR)
ESA Data Access and Quality (ii): CCI Teams Feedback (M. Boettcher, Brockmann)
Bridging the ENVISAT Gap: Possible Approaches from Sea Surface Temperature (G. Corlett, SST), and Ocean Colour(S. Sathyendranath)


Day 2

Tuesday 25 September 2012

09.00 - 10.45

Parallel Session 2a: Round Robin Results and Improvements

Chair - Claus Zehner

Introduction (C. Zehner, ESA)
Aerosols: Algorithm Intercomparison (G. de Leeuw, FMI)
Sea Level: Radar Altimetry Approach and Results (A. Olivier, CLS)
Land Cover: Improved SAR inland water bodies (P. Defourney, UCL)
Ocean Colour: Round Robin protocol criteria and results (B. Brewin, DMI)
Sea Surface Temperature: Match Up Database (C. Merchant, Edinburgh)

Parallel Session 2b: CCI Systems

Chair - Simon Pinnock

Introduction (S. Pinnock, ESA)
System Engineering Working Group Recommendations (Mike Grant, PML)
Aerosol CCI System Prototype and Future Evolution (T. Holzer-Popp, DLR)
Sea Level: Integration in DUACS (E. Pechorro, Logica)
Ozone: Protocol System Description and Operations Cost (D. Loyola, DLR)
Potential System Synergies (M. Boettcher, Brockmann)

11.15 - 13.00

Parallel Session 2a: Round Robin Exercise Results and Evaluation

Chair - Claus Zehner

GHG: Merging CO2 Algorithms (H. Boesch, Leicester)
Glaciers: Repeatability of Glacier Area Estimates (F. Paul, Zurich)
Cloud Round Robin Results (R. Hollmann, DWD)
Ozone MIPAS Round Robin results (A. Laeng, KIT)

Parallel Session 2b - CCI Systems

Chair - Simon Pinnock

Fire: Production Performance (M. Fernandez-Cortiz, GMV)
GHG CCI view on operational processing (G. Lichtenberg, DLR)
Cloud CCI: Experience and lessons learned developing a community code (C. Poulson, RAL)
Data Standards Working Group: CCI Data Standards Status (S. James, ESA)
Discussion Session

Summary Recommendations from the Session


14:00 - 15.45

Parallel Session 3a: Uncertainty Characterisation and Product Maturity

Chair - Pierre Philippe Mathieu

Introduction (P.P. Mathieu, ESA)
Ozone: Limb/Drift MIPAS RR Validation and Uncertainties (A. Lang, KIT)
Progress on SST Uncertainty Characterisation (C. Merchant, Edinburgh)
Glaciers: Characterising Uncertainties (A. Shepherd, Leeds)
Ice Sheets: Combining EO and Auxilliary Data Uncertainties (R. Forsberg, DTU-S)
Fire: Uncertainties in a Merged Product (I. Alonso, UAH) 

Parallel Session 3b: Key Requirements for Phase 2

Chair - Mark Doherty

Introduction (M. Doherty, ESA)
Does the Sahel Green? Climate and long-term satellite records: potential and problems (A. Loew, MPI)
Grand Science Challenges/Summary of Science Brainstorm (C. Merchent, Edinburgh)
Evolving Observational Requirements for Climate Models and Reanalysis (Roger Saunders, MOHC)
Improving the Products: what are the performance targets for Phase 2? Methane (M. Buchwitz, Bremen), and Case 2 Waters (S. Sathyendranath, PML)
Stimulating Exploitation of CCI Data (O. Arino, ESA)

16.15 - 18.00

Parallel Session 3a: Uncertainty Characterisation and Product Maturity

Chair - Pierre Philippe Mathieu

Soil Moisture: Triple Colocation Approach (W. Wagner, TUW)
Use of observational uncertainties in climate modelling and reanalysis (M. Ringer, MOHC)
Product Maturity: The Bates Index (M. Dowell, CEOS WG Climate)
Bates Index for CCI Projects? (J. Walker, ESA)
Discussion Session

Parallel Session 3b: Key Requirements for Phase 2

Chair - Mark Doherty

Data Access: Making it easy (V. Bennett, ESA)
User Tools: What do we have? What do we need? (R. Quast, Brockmann)
Preparing for the Sentinels (A. Shepherd, Leeds)
CCI Phase 2: Outline Approach (P. Lecomte, ESA)
Discussion Session



Day 3

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Plenary Session

Chair - Pascal Lecomte

Summary of Data Requirements, continuity and quality (Session Rapporteur)
Summary of Round Robin Exercise results and evaluation (Session Rapporteur) 
Summary of CCI System (M. Schwinger, DLR)
Summary of Uncertainty characterisation (Session Rapporteur) 
Summary of Key requirements for Phase 2 (P. Braesicke, U Cambridge)
Summary of Collocation (M. Doherty, ESA)

Coffee Break

Free Session for Project/Cross-project meetings


Please note that the presentations uploaded here are low quality web versions. In some cases the need to reduce to file size has led to some graphs and diagrams being hard to read. If this is a problem on a particular presentation then please get in touch via the contact page to request a higher resolution version.