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Biomass project joins the stable of CCI projects

A new project focussing on the role of biomass plays in climate has recently been added to the CCI stable of projects.

The Climate Change Initiative biomass project picks up from where its predecessor, GlobBiomass left off. GlobBiomass used satellite data to produce global maps and measures of biomass.

Assessing the amount, and change, of global biomass from Earth's forests is important it has an   influence on carbon, energy and water cycles, and in turn the climate.

The new projects, which will benefit from satellite missions with greater sensitivity to biomass observe bioamss, aims to: 

  • improve existing algorithms for quantifying the distribution of above-ground biomass 
  • provide a basis for national reporting
  • estimate carbon fluxes by determining changes in forest biomass over time  
  • ensure that products fit the needs of the climate modelling community.

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