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CCI at EGU 2015

CCI at the European Geophysical Union General Assembly 2015

The EGU General Assembly 2015 will bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. Several CCI projects are covening or co-convening sessions and giving talks, which are outlined below. 

Session: GHG_cci
AS3.15 Remote-Sensing of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Methane
Convener: Sander Houweling  | Co-Conveners: Michael Buchwitz, Justus Notholt, Hartmut Boesch, Dietrich Feist

Talk: GHG_cci
AS3.14, room B9 on Friday, 17 Apr 2015, 16:15:
Satellite Observations of Carbon Dioxide and Methane: From SCIAMACHY to CarbonSat
Michael Buchwitz et al.

Talk: GHG_cci
BG2.9/CL5.1, room G5 on Friday, 17 Apr 2015, 12:00:
The satellite-inferred European carbon sink
Maximilian Reuter et al.

Session and talk: Aerosol_cci
AS3.16 Remote Sensing of Clouds and Aerosols: Techniques and Applications
Convener: Jan Cermak  | Co-Conveners: Gerrit de Leeuw, Alexander Kokhanovsky 

Production of satellite-derived aerosol climate data records: current status of the ESA Aerosol_cci project
Gerrit de Leeuw (1), Thomas Holzer-Popp (), and Simon Pinnock () and the Aerosol_cci team

Talk: Cloud_cci
“The ESA Cloud_cci project: generation of multi-decadal consistent global data sets for GCOS cloud property ECVs using an optimal estimation approach”
Cornelia Schlundt et al.

Session: Soil_Moisture_cci
CL5.7 Climate Data Homogenization and Climate Trend and Variability Assessment
Convener: Xiaolan L. Wang  | Co-Conveners: Rob Roebeling, Petr Stepanek, Enric Aguilar, Wouter Dorigo

Session: Soil_Moisture_cci/CMUG
HS6.4 Remote sensing of soil moisture
Convener: Patricia de Rosnay  | Co-Conveners: Alexander Loew, Niko Verhoest, Yann Kerr, Wolfgang Wagner, Susanne Mecklenburg, Matthias Drusch, J.-P. Wigneron

Session and talk: Soil_Moisture_cci:
CL5.7 Climate Data Homogenization and Climate Trend and Variability Assessment
Convener: Xiaolan L. Wang  |  Co-Conveners: Rob Roebeling , Petr Stepanek , Enric Aguilar , and Wouter Dorigo

Error Characterisation and Merging of Active and Passive Microwave Soil Moisture Data Sets
Wolfgang Wagner, Alexander Gruber, Richard de Jeu, Robert Parinussa, Daniel Chung, Wouter Dorigo, Christoph Reimer, and Richard Kidd

Talk: Soil_Moisture_cci
Spatiotemporal dynamics in remotely sensed soil moisture and their impact on the carbon cycle (solicited)
Wouter Dorigo, Franziska Albrecht, Jonathan Barichivich, Bernhard Bauer-Marschallinger, Simon Blessing, Luca Brocca, Mathieu Depoorter, Ralf Giering, Richard De Jeu, Thomas Kaminski, Wolfgang Knorr, Christoph Köstler, Diego Miralles, Stefan Schlaffer, Marko Scholze, Gregor Schuermann, and Michael Vossbeck

Session: Ice_Sheet_cci
CR2.1 Remote Sensing of Polar Snow and Ice
Conveners: Wolfgang Rack, Andrew Shepherd  | Co-Conveners: M. Tedesco, Melody Sandells, Stef Lhermitte

Session: Glacier_cci
CR2.2 Glacier Monitoring from In-situ and Remotely Sensed Observations
Convener: Samuel Nussbaumer  | Co-Conveners: Richard Armstrong, Liss M. Andreassen, Andreas Kääb

Talks: Sea_Level_cci
CL4.3/CR3.8/OS1.14 Sea level rise: past, present and future
Two Decades of Global and Regional Sea Level Observations from the ESA Climate Change Initiative Sea Level Project
JeanFrancois Legeais et al.

Posters: EGU2015-5806
Confidence envelop of the global MSL time series deduced from TOPEX, Jason-1 and Jason-2 altimeter missions.
JeanFrancois Legeais et al.

Improved wet tropospheric corrections for eight altimetric missions
M. Joana Fernandes et al.

Talk: Sea_Level_cci:
OS4.2 Ocean Remote Sensing
Improving sea level record in arctic using ENVISAT altimeter measurements
Pierre Thibaut, Graham Quartly et al.

Poster: Land_Cover_cci
BG2.9/CL5.1 Earth observation for monitoring and modeling the global energy, water and carbon cycles over land using model-data integration
Sensitivity of the climate simulations to update of Plant Functional Type distributions
Goran Georgievski, Stefan Hagemann, Iryna Khlystova and the ESA-CCI-LC Team