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CCI+ Information Day

Following the allocation of new subscriptions to ESA's Climate Change Initiative in December 2016, the Climate Change Initiative programme organised an Information Day to provide potential bidders and stakeholders with information on future procurements under the CCI programme element over the period 2017-2020.

Please note that bidders for projects under CCI+ are limited to the Member State contributing to the programme: AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, IE, IT, LU, NL, NO, PT, RO, SE, CA.


09:30   Introduction   Josef Aschbacher

09:45   Scope and structure of CCI+   Pascal Lecomte

10:00   New ECVs in CCI+

            Salinity, Sea State   Pascal Lecomte

            High Resolution Land Cover, Lakes   Stephen Plummer

11:00   Coffee

11:30   Above Ground BiomassPermafrost   Frank Martin Seifert

12:00   Water Vapour, Land Surface Temperature, Snow   Simon Pinnock

12:45   New R&D on ECVs already started in CCI   Simon Pinnock

13:00   Lunch

14:00   Contractual Aspects of CCI+   Nathalie Boisard

14:15   Climate Modelling User Group   Pascal Lecomte

14:30   Cross-ECV Activities   Stephen Plummer

14:45   Knowledge Exchange Activities   Cat Downy

15:00   CCI Open Data Portal and CCI Toolbox   Ed Pechorro

15:15   ESA Data Access   Henri Laur

15:30   Coffee with demonstration of CCI Toolbox

16:00   Individual Consulations with ESA staff