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CCI Open Data Portal

CCI Open Data Portal - take our survey

What do you need from an Open Data Portal, delivering Essential Climate Variables from satellite data? Please take our survey so we can provide you with the best access to data and tools. 

This survey forms part of a larger activity whose objective is to develop an Open Data Portal to provide a central point of harmonised access to mature Essential Climate Variable (ECV) datasets produced as part of ESA's Climate Change Initiative (CCI) programme.

The CCI Open Data Portal will be operated in parallel to the data access mechanisms already provided by each CCI project, and is intended to compliment and unify the work of the individual CCI teams.

The CCI Open Data Portal will act as a “shop window” for the CCI programme (explore, discover and access data, request support, share and collaborate through the on-line community…). It is intended to be a living dynamic environment benefiting both external users and CCI partners.

This User Requirements survey is a key element of the development of the Open Data Portal, facilitating engagement and gathering information from potential end users.

Take the survey here: