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CCI Toolbox – take our survey

To make a satellite climate data record programme like ESA CCI become even more success­ful, the user requires not only the best possible climate datasets but also an easy, user-friendly, reliable and maintained tooling support for his individual application areas. For this purpose, the CCI Toolbox will be developed and made freely available to all users of CCI data. It aims to meet the needs of the Climate community from non-expert to high-level expert users – within and beyond CCI, with focus on cross-ECV applications.

The aim of the CCI Toolbox is to simplify handling, inspection, combination and processing of CCI and non-CCI data products. Software tools for inclusion within the toolbox shall therefore facilitate access, conversion, analysis and visualization of different kinds of ECV data. Additional to the provided functionality, the CCI Toolbox will allow users to introduce their own functionality in the form of plugins.

To specify the User Requirements, consultation with the users of CCI data is vital. That’s why we kindly ask you to support us with your needs, recommendations and comments regarding the CCI Toolbox. We invite you to complete the CCI Toolbox User Requirements questionnaire so that we will be able to equip you with the means to operate on (CCI) ECV data in the way you like/need.

To return the form to the CCI Toolbox project team, please send to the following e-Mail contact:

You’ll find the questionnaire here