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CCI Users


The Global Climate Observing System (GCOS), responsible for translating the climate monitoring needs of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) into the form of Essential Climate Variables (ECV), have specified the users of ECV data records. These comprise the scientific, research, and operational organisations from the UNFCCC countries responsible for climate research, modelling, assessment and prediction within nationally and internationally funded research programmes. Each CCI project team has been mandated to engage key international scientific user communities and climate research programmes to guide their activity and to independently validate their results.

To succeed, the CCI programme must meet these needs of the international climate research community, and contribute effectively to the collective international response to GCOS and the UNFCCC. Key elements of the international framework for this programme are:

  • GCOS: which represents the scientific and technical requirements of the Global Climate Observing System on behalf of UNFCCC and IPCC.

  • CEOS and CGMS: which serve as the focal point for Earth Observation related activities of Space Agencies reporting to the UNFCCC and GCOS.

  • International Climate Research Programmes, which represent the collective interests and priorities of the worldwide climate research communities.

  • Individual Partner Space Agencies with whom ESA cooperates bilaterally .

  • EC and National Research Programmes which establish research priorities and provide resources for climate research community within Europe

  • Individual end-user organizations in ESA member states and worldwide, climate research, monitoring and modelling practitioners who are active in the IPCC processes.