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CCI Guidelines

For Data Standards Guidelines, please see the Data Standards Working Group page.

Background to the CCI Programme

Implementation Plan for the Global Observing System for Climate in support of the UNFCCC [Document: GCOS-138]

Response by ESA to GCOS - Results of the Climate Change Initiative Requirement Analysis [Document: CCI-PRGM-EOPS-TN-13-0008]

Systematic Observation Requirements for Satellite-based Data Products for Climate: Satellite Supplement [Document: GCOS-154]

Legacy CCI Documents

Please note these documents are from the origin of the programme and so may not apply to current projects.

ESA CCI: CCI Project Guidelines [Document: EOP-TEX-EOPS-SW-10-0002]

The ESA CCI Description [Document: EOP-SEP/TN/0030-09/SP]

CCI Status 2012 at the Mid Term Review [Document: CCI-MNGT-EOPS-TN-12-0045]