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CCI Data Standards

For Data Standards Guidelines, please see the Data Standards Working Group page.

Data Standards Requirements for CCI Data Producers [Document: CCI-PRGM-EOPS-TN-13-0009

Background to the CCI Programme

Implementation Plan for the Global Observing System for Climate in support of the UNFCCC [Document: GCOS-138]

Response by ESA to GCOS - Results of the Climate Change Initiative Requirement Analysis [Document: CCI-PRGM-EOPS-TN-13-0008]

Systematic Observation Requirements for Satellite-based Data Products for Climate: Satellite Supplement [Document: GCOS-154]


CCI+ Statement of Work 2017: Phase 1 [Document: ESA-CCI-PRGM-EOPS-SW-17-0032

Legacy CCI Documents

Please note these documents are from the origin of the programme and so may not apply to current projects.

ESA CCI: CCI Project Guidelines [Document: EOP-TEX-EOPS-SW-10-0002]

The ESA CCI Description [Document: EOP-SEP/TN/0030-09/SP]

CCI Status 2012 at the Mid Term Review [Document: CCI-MNGT-EOPS-TN-12-0045]

CCI System Requirements [Document: CCI-PRGM-EOPS-TN-12-0031]

CCI Statement of Work 2009: Phase 1 [Document: EOP-SEP/SOW/0031-09/SP]

CCI Statement of Work 2014: Phase 2 [Document: CCI-PRGM-EOPS-SW-12-0012]

CMUG Statement of Work 2009: Phase 1 [Document: EOP-DTEX-EOPS-SW-09-0002