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ESA CCI joins the Makalu Climate Expedition 2018

Glacier scientists, working on ESA's Climate Change Initiative are joining Swedish explorer, Carina Ahlqvist on the Makalu Climate Climb, a Himalayan expedition, this April.

This ground-based science mission will take in-situ measurements of the nearby Barun glacier to support long-term data records derived from satellite observations.

Locations of recent landslides will also be documented to investigate the influence that climate change may have on their frequency and extent in the region.

The international team of 12 arrives in Nepal on 10 April, then treks along the Barun Valley and the neighbouring mountain ridge, to reach the Makalu base camp. 

Carina will also attempt to be the first Swedish female to summit Mount Makalu, which is the fifth highest peak on Earth at 8,481 m above sea level.

A more in-depth blog is on ESA's Campaigns at Work blog.

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