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ESA Climate Office


In its role of overseeing the CCI programme, the ESA Climate Office define the programme of work, check standards and aim to promote quality, consistency and cooperation across the CCI projects. All CCI projects meet at an annual colocation meeting, organised by the Climate Office and then on an ad hoc, project-organised basis throughout the year.


The ESA Climate Office team comprises Pascal Lecomte, Stephen Plummer, Simon Pinnock, Paolo Cipollini, Ed Pechorro, Cat Downy, Anna Maria Trofaier, Malgorzata Wysocka, Paul Fisher and Michael Eisinger. Pascal Lecomte (Head of ESA Climate Office) is also Chair of the Joint CEOS/CGMS Working Group on Climate (WGClimate), the body of major space agencies responsible for responding to the UNFCCC and GCOS on the monitoring of climate from space.