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ESA's Living Planet Symposium - where to find the CCI

ESA's Living Planet Symposium conference kicks off on the 9th May 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic. There are over 3000 people registered for the conference, making it the largest Earth Observation conference to date. The Climate Change Initiative will be there, with presentations from all of the CCI projects (see below for details), as well as an exhibition stand on Floor 2 on Climate from Space. 

The Climate From Space stand will have demonstrations of the new CCI Open Data Portal and Toolbox that are being developed to improve access and use of the Essential Climate Variable datasets. The stand will also feature interactive visualisations of the CCI data and a preview of the new iPad App 'Climate from Space' as well as some freebies from the Climate Office.

If you can't attend the conference then selected sessions of the Living Planet Symposium will be livestreamed from the conference. 

Where to find the Climate Change Initiative - talks and posters