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Explorer briefs Swedish students on ESA-sponsored climate expedition

Last week, school students from Church School, Dalacarlia, Sweden, gathered to listen to a lecture by the famous adventurer and sustainability champion Carina Ahlqvist. Carina is leading an ESA-sponsored Himalayan expedition this month, the Mount Makalu Climb which is supporting climate change research.

The students, who are undertaking an eighth-grade project on sustainable development learnedCarina Ahlqvist lecturing students on high-altitude climate expeditions that Carina will be attempting to be the first Scandinavian woman to scale this 8,8,41 m high mountain, which is just 19 km from Everest, to raise awareness of the impacts that climate change is having in the region. 

Carina’s previous high-altitude expeditions have all supported climate change research, and the Mount Makalu Climb is no exception.

The 12-strong expedition team, who will be taking measurements of the nearby Barun glacier and documenting the locations of recent landslides to calibrate and improve the interpretation of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Earth observation satellite data.

Carina’s motivational lecture concluded with a lively student discussion, chaired by acclaimed Carina Ahlqvist discusses climate and leading expeditions with Church School studentsteacher, Jenny Jansson.

A more detailed blog post regarding the climate science undertaken during the Makalu Climate Climb is available. For regular updates on the expeditions progress follow @esaclimate on twitter.