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ESA has released an Intended Invitation to Tender (IITT) that concerns Climate Change Initiative-related Knowledge Exchange activities, aiming to provide Free, Open and Easy access to all ECV data products via user community protocols, and integrated with standard climate user community databases (e.g. Earth System Grid Federation).

The above will also be supported by the continued development and maintenance of software tools for scientific analysis of the ECV products, as well as visualisation tools for raising public awareness of the value of satellites for climate monitoring.

The use of CCI ECV products in education will be promoted, via the production and dissemination of educational material based on the CCI results, and the integration of CCI material into online tutorials (MOOCs), advanced training workshops and summer schools.

Potential bidders should visit ESA's tendering portal, EMITS, for more infortmation and to post an expression of interest.

Closing date: 07/03/2019.

ITT reference number: 17.155.06