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ISSI Sea Level Budget

CCI Workshop: Integrative Study of the Sea Level Budget 

2-5 February 2015, ISSI, Bern, Switzerland

The International Space Science Institute (ISSI) are hosting a CCI workshop to discuss the sea level budget in the context of the recent results from multiple CCI projects. Organised by the Sea_Level_cci Science Leader, Anny Cazenave, the meeting brings together seven of the CCI projects, with the focus on data from Sea Level, Glaciers and Ice Sheets.

Improvement of these ECVs allows better understanding the mass contribution to sea level rise, hence of the sea level budget. The workshop will also address the regional variability in sea level, SST and Ocean Colour, and discuss the relative contributions of the natural/internal climate variability and anthropogenic forcing (detection/attribution) to associated spatial trend patterns.

The workshop is invitation-only but details of it can be found on the workshop website. One outcome of the workshop will be a book published in the Space Sciences Series of ISSI by Springer Verlag. This volume is not intended to be the proceedings of the workshop, but a collection of in-depth papers informed by the contributions and discussions at the workshop, which should provide a coherent picture of the current state of the subject.