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New data releases from the ESA Climate Change Initiative

Several new climate data products have been released to open data portal of ESA’s Climate Change Initiative in the period 1 May, 2020.

Recent updates include the addition of the first Snow product - Snow Water Equivalent 1979-2018 - and greenhouse gas products based on data retrieval from the OCO-2 (for XCO2) and Sentinel-5P (for XCH4) satellites. 

Data supporting northern hemispere permafrost extent mapping, the global distribution of above-ground biomass and a first version of global sea surface salinity datasets are outputs from newer ECV projects set up through the Climate Change Initiative. 

Temporal extensions to Fire and Soil Moisture datasets, to the end of 2019, have all been released, while the sea surface temperature project team published a 37-year climate data record comprising 4 trillion measurements. This latter the time series is consistent and stable throughout the record, with the uncertainty in the global trend estimated to be no more than 0.03°C per decade. 

Open access and research-ready

Over 100 high-quality satellite-derived climate datasets are freely available, reflecting the 40-year Earth observation archive generated by ESA, its member states, and third-party agencies. 

They are research-ready, with fully characterised uncertainties and are validated using independent, traceable, in-situ measurements.

Data on the portal can be accessed data via WMS, WCS, OpeNDAP or FTP and adhere to the 
CCI Data Policy (v1.1) and CCI Data Standards (v2.2)