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New Sea State_cci team present at altimetry conference

The Sea State_cci project team, lead by Science Lead Fabrice Ardhuin, are presenting their first science poster at the 25 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry" Symposium, in the Azores, this week (24-29 Sept)

Sea states are the statistical properties of wind-waves. Waves are an important geophysical variable affecting air-sea fluxes, and extreme sea levels at the coast and are vital to understand.

The team aim to undertake R&D on a range of factors including improving wave estimation algorithms on altimeters and SARs. The project builds on its predecessor project, Globwave, where Level 2 data was post-processed to correct for mission-dependent and time-varying biases.

Sea State_cci poster at the 25th anniversary of modern altimetry symposium