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RSE Special Issue on EO of ECVs by CCI Scientists

The aim of this special issue (click here for link), published in the Remote Sensing of Environment (RSE) journal, is to demonstrate how Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) can be generated from Earth Observation (EO) data and then used in climate modelling and other climate-related applications. Included in this issue are a number of papers solicited from those involved in running the Climate Change Initiative (CCI) ECV projects as well as the wider community of CCI dataset users.

One of the papers included in this special issue, written by Plummer et al.(2017) (click here for link), presents an overview of the CCI programme, primarily from a programmatic point of view but also highlights some of the many scientific achivements made to date.

The EO datasets produced by the CCI programme are made available under an open and free data policy via the CCI's Open Data Portal and, as shown in the special RSE issue, can be used for a large range of applications.