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Salinity Science Seminar (26-27 September, Hamburg)

Join leading researchers at the "Salinity Science Seminar" on 26 to 27 September, 2019.

Global sea-surface salinityThe seminar, convened by the University of Hamburg and the Laboratory for Oceanography and Climate (LOCEAN), will showcase the latest advances in ocean salinity science. Presentations will cover ocean salinity observations and processes, data assimilation and modelling.

The Science Leaders of ESA's Climate Change Initiative Sea Surface Salinity project, Jacqueline Boutin and Nicolas Reul, will unveil the first global sea-surface salinity data product developed by ESA's Climate Change Initiative's Salinity project team. Spanning nine years (2010-2018) this product uses observations from SMOS, SMAP and Aquarius missions.

To demonstrate the benefit of the new data, a number climate case studies will be shown, including:

  • Climate variability reconstruction in the North Atlantic
  • Anomaly identification in the North Atlantic
  • Assessment of salinity gradients in the tropical Atlantic 
  • Seasonal salinity variation of the Congo and Niger river plumes in the Gulf of Guinea

Participants will have an opportunity to provide feedback. This is crucial to inform future product development and performance in line the requirements GCOS and new and existing Users.

To view the agenda and register visit the Seminar website.

Visit the CCI Salinity page for more information on the ESA's Sea Surface Salinity research.