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Street Art exhibition to showcase role of Observing the Climate from Space

The ESA Climate Office is working with dublin-based street artist, Shane Sutton, to develop and exhibit a collection of original artworks exploring the benefits of ‘taking the pulse of our planet from space’ at the Living Planet Symposium, the world's largest Earth Observation conference, in Milan, Italy, on 13–17 May.

Staging the art exhibition during the event aims to draw the scientific community’s attention to ESA’s Climate Change Initiative and the satellite-derived climate data records it generates.

The popular appeal of street art is also expected to inspire and engage the next generation of Earth scientists and to help explain the findings and benefits of this initiative to a wider general public audience.

Shane has a track record of producing space-themed artworks, often based on an anonymous astronaut character called Spacer.

an example of Shane Sutton's space-themed artwork  

For more information visit:

An interview with Shane, where he discusses the inspiration and content: