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Survey: Land Surface Temperature user requirements sought

The Met Office is currently collecting climate user requirements for satellite Land Surface Temperature (LST) products within the framework of ESA's LST Climate Change Initiative (CCI) project.

The LST_cci project aims to deliver a significant improvement on the capability of current satellite LST data records to meet the Global Climate Observing System requirements for climate applications and realise the full potential of long-term LST data for climate science (

If you currently use satellite-derived LST for climate applications, or have an interest in using LST data in the future, we would be very grateful if you could complete the online survey below.The responses to this questionnaire will be used by LST CCI project team to define the specification and format of the data products produced by the project. The survey should take around 20-30 minutes to complete and will be open until 3 September 2018.

Survey link: