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Data Visualisations

Climate from Space lets you take a closer look at visualisations of climate data being produced through the European Space Agency's Climate Change Initiative (CCI) programme. The Tablet App is available on iPad and most Android tablets. 

In the data viewer, see the changes through time of sea surface temperature, the ice sheets, sea level, sea ice, carbon dioxide, soil moisture and many more. Play, pause, and go step by step through the years of data; zoom in and use the buttons along the bottom to compare the data sets and switch between a globe and a map view. Informative text describes why measuring these parts of the Earth system is important for climate science, and how this can be seen in the visualisations of satellite data.

Download Climate from Space on iPad (via the Apple App Store)

Download Climate from Space on Android (via Amazon App Store)

This app was created by Planetary Visions for ESA's Climate Office.

Visulisation Tool - Exhibition Version

The CCI Visualisation Tool is an interactive exhibit showcasing more than thirty years of global satellite observations of thirteen essential climate variables. This interactive software allows the exploration on a virtual globe of climate variables such as greenhouse gases, ocean temperature and soil moisture. The intention is to showcase the ECV products as fully as possible, showing their full temporal extent and, where possible, spatial detail.

The software runs on desktop and laptop computers running MacOS and Windows. A high-spec Mac laptop with solid state drive is the target specification for machines running the Tool, to ensure smooth data playback.

This tool is a large download (6.2 GB) so an ftp client like FileZilla is recommended. Please bear in mind that this was not originally developed to be widely distributed so there are a few steps involved to set it up. ReadMe, user guide and set up instructions are included in the download.


The November 2019 update is available via ftp (using software such as Filezilla) (username eopp-harwell; password: Harwell_UK). Navigate to the directory from_ESA/mac

On Mac, there may be a message on first opening warning that the developer cannot be verified. On the most recent versions of macOS, web downloads are quarantined by default. Even if you click Open anyway in System Preferences>Security & Privacy, the software may not run. You can remove the software from quarantine by typing the following command in Terminal:

> xattr –d

then drag and drop the app icon into the Terminal window to append the app’s full path, then press return. The app should now run with a double-click.


The November 2019 update is available ftp (using software such as Filezilla) (username eopp-harwell; password: Harwell_UK). Navigate to the directory from_ESA/windows.

This app was created by Planetary Visions for ESA's Climate Office.


Annual Reports for the Visualisation contract are available here:

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