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What is the CCI programme?

The European Space Agency (ESA) Climate Change Initiative (CCI), is a programme whose aim is to provide stable, long-term, satellite-based ECV data products for climate modellers and researchers. This can be achieved by realising the full potential of the long-term Earth Observation (EO) archives that ESA, together with its member states, has established over the last 30 years, as a significant and timely contributions to the ECV databases required by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). 

The ECVs will be derived from multiple satellite data sets (not just ESA but all sources via international collaboration) and include specific information on the errors and uncertainties of the data set. Comprehensive information will also be provided on calibration and validation, long term algorithm maintenance, data curation and reprocessing. The Climate Change Initiative will bring together European expertise covering the full range of scientific, technical and development specialisations available within the European Earth Observation community, and will establish lasting and transparent access for global climate scientific and operational communities to its results.  

The €75m CCI programme, will run from 2009 to 2016 and consists of three stages: requirement analysis, algorithm development and prototype ECV building; ECV production and system development; and user analysis and feedback. Within the programme ECV have been generated for all three domains, atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial.  

An extension to the CCI programme, called CCI+, is planned.