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The CCI Dashboard provides a high level view of the data sets within the CCI Open Data Portal archive, including key information for each product type, a quick link to download them via FTP, a graphical representation of their temporal coverage and links to relevant documentation.


The CCI Data Search tool can be used to search and download the data products in the CCI Open Data Portal archive. The CCI Data Search provides free text and faceted search options, allowing users to customise their search query. The resulting data can be downloaded via multiple data access methods. 

Quick access to the key CCI data products in the CCI Open Data Portal archive by FTP. 

The CCI Data Viewer is a new tool for accessing data products hosted on the CCI Open Data Portal. Browse maps, analyse data at a point or along transects and switch between multiple data layers, all via your web browser without the need to install any tools on your machine.


For further information, please contact the CCI Open Data Portal Helpdesk.

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