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ESA Climate Office


The Climate Office provides the focal point for climate-related activities across ESA. Our activities aim to increase the use of satellite-based Earth Observation data in climate science. Making optimal use of European and worldwide satellite data, we focus our work on a range of Essential Climate Variables (ECV) such as land cover, land surface temperature, soil moisture, fire, biomass, lakes, permafrost, snow, glaciers, ice sheets, sea ice, sea level, sea state, sea surface salinity, ocean colour, sea surface temperature, greenhouse gases, water vapour, ozone, aerosols, and clouds.

We oversee the Climate Change Initiative programme, defining the programme of work, checking standards and aim to promote quality, consistency and cooperation across the CCI projects. 
The ESA Climate Office is based at ECSAT, Harwell, United Kingdom. 

The ESA Climate Office team comprises Susanne Mecklenburg (Head of ESA Climate Office), Anna Maria Trofaier (Technical Officer), Michael Eisinger (Technical Officer), Stephen Plummer (Technical Officer), Simon Pinnock (Technical Officer), Paolo Cipollini (Technical Officer), Ed Pechorro (Engineer), Paul Fisher (Knowledge Exchange and Communications Manager), Sophie Hebden (ESA/Future Earth Research Coordinator) and Victoria Smith (PA to ESA Climate Office).

Simon Pinnock is the ESA representative to the Joint CEOS/CGMS Working Group on Climate (WGClimate) - the body responsible for responding to the UNFCCC and GCOS on the monitoring of climate from space. Simon is also a member of the WCRP Data Advisory Council.