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Global Climate Observing System - Implementation Plan review

The Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) are requesting comments from the scientific community on their new Implementation Plan.  The first GCOS Implementation Plan in 2004 concentrated mainly on the physical climate system and actions to enable the production of Essential Climate Variable datasets. This 2016 Plan also aims to incorporate broader climate policy observation requirements from the adaptation and mitigation communities. It will be submitted to the UNFCCC for its COP 22 meeting. 

The draft Implementation Plan and instructions for submitting comments can be downloaded from the GCOS website. The deadline for comments is the 5th September 2016.  

GCOS were set up to ensure that the observations and information needed to address climate-related issues are obtained and made available to all potential users. The GCOS actions in their new Implementation Plan will help enact the UNFCCC's need for systematic observations of the climate.