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Project teams

The ESA Climate Office, ECSAT, UK is responsible for overseeing the CCI programme. In this role they check standards and aim to promote consistency, integration and cooperation within the CCI projects. All projects meet at an annual colocation meeting, organised by the Climate Office and then on an ad hoc, project-organised basis throughout the year. Each project has a Science Leader and a Project Manager who oversee three teams: the Earth Observation Science Team, a Climate Research Group and a System Engineering group.

The Science Leader is an expert in the ECV field, who is responsible for overseeing the direction of the project, its interface with the three working teams, links to the wider communities and ensuring the quality and timely delivery of all products. The Project Manager supports the Science Leader in the overall management of the project and ensures that all tasks are executed in a coherent, consistent and efficient manner. Each project has to report to a Technical Officer based within ESA.

Project Teams

ESA Climate Office, ECSAT, Harwell, UK
Pascal Lecomte (Head)
Stephen Plummer
Simon Pinnock
Ed Pechorro
Cat Downy
Anne Stefaniak
Anna Maria Trofaier
Malgorzata Wysocka
Stephen Briggs
Michael Eisinger

CCI Aerosol
Science Leaders: Thomas Popp (DLR), Gerrit de Leeuw (FMI)
Project Managers: Thomas Popp (DLR),  Miriam Kosmale (DLR)

CCI Biomass
Science Leader: Richard Lucas (U Aberystwyth)
Project Manager: Andwrs Siggin

CCI Cloud
Science Leader: Rainer Hollman (DWD)
Project Manager: Martin Stengel (DWD)

Science Leader: Paul van der Linden (Met Office)
Project Manager: Paul van der Linden (Met Office)

CCI Fire
Science Leader: Emilio Chvieco (UAH)
Project Manager: Lucrecia Pettinari (UAH)

Science Leader: Michael Buchwitz (U Bremen)
Project Managers: Hartmut Boesch (U Leicester), Maximilian Reuter (U Bremen)

CCI Glaciers
Science Leader: Frank Paul (GIUZ)
Project Manager: Tobias Bolch (GIUZ)

CCI High Resolution Land Cover
Science Leader: Lorenzo Bruzzone (U Torino)
Project Manager: Francesca Bovolo (FBK)

CCI Ice Sheets Greenland Science Leader: René Forsberg (DTU Space)
Project Manager: Kenneth Haugland (S[&]T AS)

CCI Ice Sheets Antarctic Science Leader: Andy Shepherd (U Leeds)
Project Manager: Kenneth Haugland (S[&]T AS)

CCI Land Cover
Science Leader: Pierre Defourny (UCL)
Project Manager: Aurelie Bellavia (UCL)

Land Surface Temperature
Science Leader: Darren Ghent (U Leicester)
Project Manager: Jérôme Bruniquel (acri-st)

CCI Ocean Colour
Science Leader: Shuba Sathyendranath (PML)
Project Manager: John Swinton (Vega)

CCI Open Data Portal
Science Leader: Victoria Bennett (STFC-RAL)
Project Manager: Anna Corlyon (TVUK)

CCI Ozone
Science Leader: Michel van Roozendael (Aeronomie)
Project Manager: Nathalie Kalb (Aeronomie)

CCI Salinity
Science Leader: Jacqueline Boutin (IPSL)
Project Manager: Rafael Catany (Argans)

CCI Sea Ice
Science Leader: Stein Sandven (NERSC)
Project Manager: Gary Timms (CGI)

CCI Sea Level
Science Leader: Anny Cazenave (ISSI)
Project Managers: Gilles Larnicol (CLS), Jean Francois Legeais (CLS)

CCI Sea State
Science Leader: Fabrice Ardhuin (Ifremer)
Project Manager: Ellis Ash (satoc)

CCI Sea Surface Temperature
Science Leader: Chris Merchant (U Reading)
Project Manager: Hugh Kelliher (Space Connections)

CCI Snow
Science Leader: Thomas Nagler (Enveo)
Project Manager: Gabriele Schwaizer (Enveo)

CCI Soil Moisture
Science Leader: Wolfgang Wagner (TU Wien)
Project Manager: Eva Haas (Geoville)

Science Leader: Annett Bartsch (BGEOS)
Project Manager: Tazio Strozzi (Gamma-RS)

CCI Toolbox
Science Leader: Carsten Brockmann (Brockmann Consult)
Project Manager: Anna Corlyon (TVUK)

Water Vapour
Science Leader: Michaela Hegglin (U Reading)
Project Manager: Kevin Halsall (TVUK)