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Faces of CEOS

In this short video, the head of ESA’s Climate Office, Pascal Lecomte, talks about the important development and objectives (inc. CCI activities) of the Climate Office (located in Harwell, Oxfordshire). He also talks about the development of his career with ESA and how it has helped insert ESA’s EO climate-based activities into an international context.

Visualisation Tool


CCI Toolbox – take our survey

To make a satellite climate data record programme like ESA CCI become even more success­ful, the user requires not only the best possible climate datasets but also an easy, user-friendly, reliable and maintained tooling support for his individual application areas. For this purpose, the CCI Toolbox will be developed and made freely available to all users of CCI data. It aims to meet the needs of the Climate community from non-expert to high-level expert users – within and beyond CCI, with focus on cross-ECV applications.

Copernicus Climate Change Service releases ITTs

Production of Essential Climate Variable Datasets based on Earth Observations

ECMWF, as the Entrusted Entity for the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), has issued the first tenders for the production of Essential Climate Variable (ECV) Datasets based on Earth Observations.  These products will help to establish a service delivering a series of gridded long-term Climate Data Records (CDRs) of Essential Climate Variables, along with the associated input data and user support functions. 

CCI Special Issue of RSE - Abstract Submission Open

CCI Special Issue of Remote Sensing of Environment

Abstract submission will be open from 1st March - 31st May for the special edition. If you're not part of the CCI programme but have used the freely available datasets in your research your submission is still welcome.

6th CMUG Integration Meeting


14-16 March 2016, Munich, Germany.

The CCI Sixth Integration meeting aims to:

1. Allow CMUG and the Climate Research Groups to demonstrate and compare their results

2. Examine future data use, including: modelling applications, data quality, and data provision, new ECVs

3. Gain an external perspective from independent experts

4. Strengthen links between CCI and relevant climate projects/initiatives/research community

For further details please contact the CMUG project. 

7th Collocation Meeting 2016



The next CCI Collocation meeting will take place at ESRIN, Italy, from 4-6 October 2016. Please register for the meeting at: (note that meeting attendance should be agreed with the science leader of your project). Please make sure you also register for any of the side meetings taking place on Tuesday morning if you are attending one of these. 

The agenda is available here. The meeting will run from 12pm Tuesday 4th October - 1pm Thursday 6th October. 

Earth Observation of the Cryosphere

12/09/2016 00:00
16/09/2016 00:00

As part of the Scientific Exploitation of Operational Missions (SEOM) programme element, the European Space Agency (ESA) is pleased to announce the first advanced training course in Earth Observation of the Cryosphere, which will be hosted at the University of Leeds (UK), from 12 to 16 September 2016. Lead by members of the CCI Antarctic Ice Sheet project, the course will cover all aspects of cryosphere remote sensing.

6th CCI Collocation (2015)

29/09/2015 00:00
01/10/2015 00:00


6th CCI Collocation Meeting

The 6th Collocation meeting took place in ESRIN, Italy, from the 29th September - 1st October 2015. The focus for this meeting was on collating the achievements of the programme so far, which included reviewing which ECV data products will be ready to be transferred to an operational activity outside the CCI, when the programme ends. Discussions throughout the meeting helped to consolidate CCI-wide harmonisation and support on a number of issues important across the projects. The final day of the meeting was dedicated to looking ahead to what might be included in a 'CCI+' style programme, with presentations from potential new ECVs. The talks from the meeting are available below.

New series of Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithms for AATSR

A new series of Sensor Performance, Products and Algorithms (SPPA) web pages have been developed for Earth Explorer and Third Party Missions. For AATSR, these include detailed End of Mission (EOM) Documents including Performance and Event Reports, which may be useful for AATSR users. Please use the links below for access to the specific pages.

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