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9th CCI Collocation 2019

The 9th CCI Collocation Meeting will take place from 26 - 28 March 2019 at St. Hugh's College, Oxford, UK with a meeting of  Science Leaders held in the afternoon of the 25th March. 

Climate Change Initiative at ESA Phi week

This week (12-16 November) ESA is live streaming Phi week, an event focusing on EO Open Science  and FutureEO - to review the latest developments in Open Science trends and kick-start innovative activities of the recently created Φ-department looking at FutureEO.

Members of CCI project teams and CCI datasets will feature during a week that will showcase world leadin EO science. 

Call for abstracts to Living Planet Symposium

The ESA Climate Office is convening a session at next year’s Living Planet Symposium in Milan from 13–17 May 2019 and encourages abstracts from Earth Observation and climate communities. 

New international study assesses 25 years of sea level rise 

Sea level rise, a primary indicator of global climate change with serious implications for coastal communities, is the focus of a recently published international study.

Through the World Climate Research Programme’s Grand Challenge on Regional Sea Level and Coastal Impacts, the major study assessed the various datasets used to estimate the contributing components of sea level rise since the start of high-accuracy satellite altimetry in 1993 – and included those produced by the Sea Level_cci project team. 

1st User Workshop of ESA’s CCI SNOW Project - 29/11/2018

The Snow_cci project held the 1st ESA CCI SNOW User Workshop on 29th November 2018, hosted by Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik, in Vienna, Austria. The workshop aimed to update and revise the user requirements by bringing together the Snow_cci project team, the Climate Research Group associated with Snow_cci, and potential users of Snow_cci data.

ESA Climate observations on show at New Scientist Live

How satellites help to track and understand Earth’s climate was a central topic at this year’s New Scientist Live, London, a four-day, award-winning science festival, visited by over 40,000 schoolchildren and members of the public.

Astronaut, Tim Peake opened the event with a panel discussion on space exploration while the Climate Change Initiative (CCI), a flagship ESA research programme, was a main feature of the ESA exhibition area.

New Sea State_cci team present at altimetry conference

The Sea State_cci project team, lead by Science Lead Fabrice Ardhuin, are presenting their first science poster at the 25 Years of Progress in Radar Altimetry" Symposium, in the Azores, this week (24-29 Sept)

Sea states are the statistical properties of wind-waves. Waves are an important geophysical variable affecting air-sea fluxes, and extreme sea levels at the coast and are vital to understand.

ESA CCI Soil Moisture user workshop, November 15, Vienna

Participate in the ESA CCI Soil Moisture user workshop, at the Technische Universität Wien, Vienna, in November.

The one day workshop aims to demonstrate how ESA CCI Soil Moisture project has supported international climate observing activities (e.g. IPCC, Global Climate Observing System) and operational services such as  by C3S.

The Soil Moisture_cci team also wish to engage with users to identify new applications based on operational long-term soil moisture products.

Land Cover_cci used for OECD green growth indicators

Satellite time series data generated by the Land Cover_cci project have been used to develop new OECD headline green growth indicators that facilitate the monitoring of global natural assets. 

Land Cover_cci progress meeting, Mexico

The Break Up of the Oldest and Thickest Sea Ice in the Arctic

The break up of the strongest (oldest and thickest) sea ice in the Arctic has been observed, for the first time on record, this year. This important observation, which acts as one of the many indicators of a changing climate, will require that important revisions on the current forecasts for perennial sea ice are made.

The Guardian has recently published an article on the break up (, with inputs from Thomas Lavergne (from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute), one of the scientists working on the CCI Sea Ice project, and Ruth Mottram (from the Danish Meteorological Institute), part of the CCI Greenland Ice Sheet project.

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