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Space: the new view on climate change

Mon, 2014-06-02 09:49

Start: 2014-06-13 10:30
Timezone: Europe/London

Jointly organised by ESA and the UK Space Agency, the ‘Space: the new view on climate change’ event will provide an overview of the scientific achievements of ESA’s Climate Change Initiative (CCI), with a focus on new results from space on the cryosphere and oceans.

CMUG Integration Meeting - presenting results from the CCI

Wed, 2014-05-07 16:35

The Climate Modelling Users Group (CMUG) of the Climate Change Initiative announces the fourth CCI Integration Meeting. To be held at the Met Office HQ, Exeter, UK, 2-3 June 2014. The meeting will showcase the gridded climate observation datasets produced in Phase 1 of the CCI programme and demonstrate their utility to the climate modelling, reanalysis and climate research communities. It will also present the plans for Phase 2 of the programme.

If you would like to attend or would like more information, please contact:



ESA Climate Change Initiative

Wed, 2010-09-01 11:03

Climate change is arguably the greatest environmental challenge facing us in the twenty-first century. Its importance has been recognised in reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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