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Working Groups



The objective of the Data Engineering Working Group (DEWG) is to ensure maximum usability of the datasets produced within CCI, and cultivate tools for their access, discovery and manipulation, through common CCI data standards.

The Data Engineering Working Group (DEWG) is comprised of one representative from each CCI project, a representative from ESA who is Chair of the working group, plus two members from ESA involved in ESA Climate Office Knowledge Exchange activities. Additional persons are invited to attend meetings at the request of the Chair. 

The DEWG Terms of Reference are available.

CCI Data Standards

The DEWG and its predecessor working groups, have defined a standard approach to CCI data formats and data description to ensure maximum usability of the data sets produced within the CCI and allow generic tools for data access, discovery and manipulation to be deployed. Its aims are to provide a forum to manage data standards across CCI projects, ensure that existing standards are adhered to within CCI data products, agree common format and metadata requirements for CCI data products, enable CCI projects to feedback and iterate on proposed data standards, and to share expertise. 

The DEWG have defined a CCI Data Standards (v2.2, May 2019) including a supporting CCI Ontology.

Support to CCI Data Producers

If the CCI data standards do not cover all their needs, data producers are requested to contact the CCI Portal team via the CCI ODP helpdesk: For more information on the Data Engineering Working Group (DEWG), please contact Ed Pechorro, DEWG Chair (